Got to get out of here!

Interview with Gene Ray, Geneva, May 2012

I remember driving to work the next day, and people were flying flags, every car had a stupid American flag flying from it, and I was like being astonished and wondering “where do they get these flags, where do they all come from, I mean you know did they have them stashed away, how did so, within one day everybody has his little flags”? It was very bizarre, and by the next day, if you didn’t have one, it was a problem, people would look at you. As you stopped at the light, you know they would look at you, you could see they were like “where is your flag?”.
I understood that whatever political activities I was involved in, they were no longer possible, probably wouldn’t be possible for a long time. And I didn’t want to be here, I was like ready to jump, you know, that’s just what I remember thinking over and over, “I got to get out of here, I got to get out of here!