To keep the industry going

Interview with Brigt Dale, anthropologist, Svolvær, February 2015

Now we have an industry of 250’000 people who need more findings and more wealth and more petroleum to be found, in order to keep the industry going. Basically you don’t need more development of that kind of industry in the North. However, there’s a political reason, a political way to do that because otherwise you will not get a regional support for developing petroleum in the North. So my interest, initial interest, is that even though there were a lot of initiatives going on, and a lot of assumptions and reports being written about all the side effects that this will have, positive side effects, this tax income, all these things, still there was a lot of people who were very reluctant in Lofoten. So my initial question was really: “why is it that a region that is seen as backwards in a country where everything depends on oil, doesn’t want it?”