Disinhibited fishes (2)

Alicia Pérez-Fuentetaja, biologist, during a meeting with researchers of the Great Lakes Center, Buffalo (NY), mai 2018

Especially with fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas), which is a type of small fish that they use a lot in the laboratories, they’ve exposed them to all levels. With some of the fishes, the levels we have are much lower, and then they measure cortisol levels, and they expose them to predators, they put them to mate and they won’t, because… they don’t care!
–OK so they are stoned and they are happy…?
–I don’t think they’re happy, because if we say this a happy fish… They are not happy, they are not unhappy. I mean, you can be really happy or you can be like « OK…», they don’t care, they’re like « Whatever… ».