Go together or stay together

Interview with Ottar Schiøtz, historian of the Lofoten, Sørvågen

I had to decide, and I decided there, on this beautiful day, that I had to leave my parents, my uncles, my family out here. I understood, I knew that when I decided to leave the place, they had no chance to survive. They were becoming old, my father was more than fifty at that time. My grandfather was 80, or something like that. My grandmother, etc., my uncles and aunts… No chance!
His father looked at his son. And he understood, he understood what he thought, and what he had decided. Without saying a word. And he said: ‘‘Let us cook the coffee, and let us decide what we are, what we should do. My opinion is that if one of us decides to leave, everybody must leave. If one of us decides to stay, all of us must stay. We shall go together, or stay together!’’