Cod liver oil

Interview with Ottar Schiøtz, historian of the Lofoten, Sørvågen, June 2014

In England, under the industrial revolution, they took the children, put them down in the coal mines, to take the coal they used in the factories. They also put them in factories, these children, they didn’t see light all day, without window almost. So they got a disease because of the lack of light, the lack of sun. It became a lack of vitamin D. So therefore they had to get the sun another way, through cod liver oil, where it’s concentrated. »
« In the summer, light is night and day, but in winter, further north, it was dark day and night. With no light, they became ill.
–Lack of vitamin D.
–They got help from the Gods, and that was cod liver oil. Therefore they survived. And this cod liver oil, they could also use it as lamp oil and many other things. So they got help from the Gods, and this, fantastic it was! So they had to thank the Gods, and what should they use to thank, to give the Gods back? Can you imagine?
–Cod liver oil! »