Whirlpool Park

Skype interview with Kevin MacMahon, documentary filmmaker, May 2018

If you drive down the Niagara Park way on the American side towards Lewiston, there’s a giant whirpool. All the maelström live footage was shot in that whirlpool, and then we rodoscoped it, turned it into an animation.
–Is it where there is this Whirlpool Park…?
–Yes, I think… I actually don’t know the American side very well, I know the Canadian side very well. But I think it’s probably called Whirlpool Park. And the interesting thing that you’ll find as a metaphor, is that when things or people fall or jump over Niagara Falls, they get plunged down, they get carried down to the river, and when they get to that whirlpool, they pop up. And that’s were they take them out. So if someone commits suicide over Niagara Falls, their body is recovered at the whirlpool.