We have to try it

Skype interview with Rivardo Dullius, September 2013

The first time there was like a very heavy storm, me and some friends we were by the canal, we saw that with the strong current it was doing a kind of wave, and we got the idea that we could surf it, we have to try it. Actually you need these special conditions, you need really huge rain so that you can surf it, but we didn’t have the time to go home and pick up the material, by the time you do it it’s too late, you know. So for like 4 month, me and these friends, we were always watching, checking every time when there was heavy rain.
–But it depends on what, the shape of the canal? There is one precise spot where you can do it, or…?
–There are several places where you can do it, down the canal, but you really need a special rain, that’s why we had to wait. We agreed that we would warn each other, and we should be ready to grab the surf and just come there really quickly, because it changes very fast. And we had a system to know if the rain was strong enough, it would be when the windshield… when the wiper was working at the maximum.
–The wiper…?
–You know, the wiper to clean the windshield, the car’s window.
–Ah, yes.
–If we had to put it at the maximum speed, that means it’s really heavy rain, so it was a way to know that we had the good conditions.
–Ah, ok.
–Finally it was in november –we always have a lot of rain in november–, and we were able to be there at the right time.