To live with

Interview with Daniela Benfica, engineer, April 2013, Departamento de esgotos pluviais, Porto Alegre

Nowadays we try to avoid –we, like, the professionals who deal with that– we try to avoid these structural solutions, we try to conviver, to live with, to have insurance, to have constructions that can live with the floods, like two or three floors constructions, constructions where you can just abandon the first floor, the wrong level in case of flooding, and then after the flood is gone you can use it again.

We call it “to live with the floods”, nowadays it’s the modern concept, the modern approach to flooding protection. But at that time, they still had, not just in brazil but worldwide, they had this approach, this structural approach. So, some people say that we have to just forget this and remove the structures that were constructed… although… I don’t think I would do that now. I think it’s done, and it was very expensive, and it works, and it’s here, so… in my opinion, now instead of “living with the floods”, we have to understand how to “live with the system”… which is not impossible at all!