The foot in the shoe (1)

Interview with Ottar Schiøtz, historian of the Lofoten, Sørvågen

She knew from her childhood, that when the wind was very strong and if fishermen were out on the sea in such weather, it meant that somebody had to die, drowned in the stream. She knew also, that just outside here where she slept, in the blue house, the maelström went. Strong wind and strong maelström and darkness : it’s hopeless if some boats try to go through here.
Before it became light, she decided that she should go along the seaside, this way. What she did not know, was that this night, many fishermen that came from Helgeland, had tried to cross the fjord over to Lofoten. She of course didn’t know, but she feared it. Because when she went out, walked out in the morning alone, in the darkness, she went this way. And if the fleet had come in here, they would have wrecked here, destroyed.