68. Reinrose *Hege Steigedal

Interview with Hege Steigedal, in the municipality offices of Moskenes, in Reine

« The top of mount Hellsegga is quite particular, rather high and a bit flat, not so accessible… So I guess there is not so much human interference there, and hasn’t been, I mean…
–Is it a specific place for birds, for plants?
–It is. That place is actually mentioned as very valuable place for plants. Because they found a new species that is redlisted, and they didn’t expect to find it here, it’s called Reinrose.
–It’s a plant or it’s a seabird?
–No, it’s a plant.
And also what’s interesting is that they think that since the mountain is so high, and we are so far out in the Atlantic ocean, when the ice age was here, 10’000 years ago and before, the ice didn’t reach out to all this… So the mountains were above the ice shields, that means that when the ice retreated, this was one of the first places without ice, and also they think that many of these mountain plants survived during the ice age.
–They have the oldest gene material in mountain plants, in Norway, at least. Due to the lack of ice on these tops here. So plants may have survived during the ice age, therefore it’s a huge study area, if some micro-biologists want to study the genes of these plants. So that’s one theory. »

> projet de parc national à la point des Lofoten

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